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Branding in South Africa

SDO – How High The Moon

Satanic Dagga Orgy, AKA the 3rd best Folk band in Randburg (According to Reverbnation), are best known for their comedic antics, energetic speedo clad performances and of course “bullying” metal bands on the internet.

Today marks the release of their latest single “How High The Moon” as well as a brand new music video to go with it. The bar is raised with their unique eccentric humor now inclusive of whips, fishnets, and priests – the perfect combination. 

In their own words, this video was produced in collaboration and with absolute respect for and towards the womxn in their lives. The video offers us a tale of consent & a band deciding to turn a new leaf and go to church camp after their drummer left the band to join Slipknot.

Blending social issues into fun songs with a lot of sing-along value is basically SDO’s brand. As such, it’s no surprise that “How High The Moon” follows as another shining example of what makes SDO’s brand of folk-punk so popular.

If you’re familiar with Satanic Dagga Orgy & have seen them live, you will likely be familiar with “How High The Moon”. 

Starting with what could be compared to Dookie-Era Green Day riffs, followed by melodic vocals from guitarist Zam Boney and vocalist Peter Blackbeard, How High The Moon gripped us from the start. There are plenty of familiar faces in the video as well, such as Fuzigish frontman Jay Bones posing as a man of the cloth with Khulani Mtimkulu, as they help the band “turn a new leaf” at church camp.

Whether you want to roll, pray or dance to the music video, the hook is catchy, the song is fun and the video is great. We highly suggest you give it a listen.

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